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Cake Flavors



Vanilla or Chocolate buttercreams are standard and at no extra charge
Fillings are $5.00 extra per tier/cake. Ganache is $7.00 extra per tier/cake

These fillings must be refrigerated

Flavor/Filling Combination Suggestions  
Cupid’s Arrow
Vanilla cake with a red raspberry filling, topped with a fluffy buttercream
Photo courtesy of Sarah Michele Photography
Chocolate truffle
Rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache. It’s a chocolate-lover’s dream
What’s Up Doc
Traditional carrot cake with cream cheese icing (raisins & nuts are optional)
Reese’s Cup
Chocolate cake with creamy peanut butter icing
Strawberry Lemonade
A bright and light lemon cake with strawberry filling, covered in a fluffy lemon icing
Cookies and Cream
Vanilla cake with a cookies-n-cream buttercream icing
Oreo Dream
Chocolate cake with cookies-n-cream buttercream icing
Hot Fudge Sundae
Vanilla cake with peanut butter icing. Drizzled with chocolate and caramel
Twix bar
Vanilla cake layered with creamy caramel, finished with a milk chocolate buttercream
Vanilla cake with cinnamon cream cheese filling
Red Velvet
Rich red velvet cake layered with a light buttercream frosting
Banana cake with Peanut butter frosting drizzled with chocolate