Color Blending

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I love color the decorations on my cakes. No matter what the decoration, I just have to add some color to it. I have a lot of colors between my pedal dusts and my luster dusts. The problem is, although I have a lot of colors, sometimes I don’t have the exact color that I am looking for in my box.  I usually end up blending some of the colors together.

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You will usually see decorators mixing colors together on paper towels. I have used a lot of paper towels over the years mixing colors together. The paper towel allows you to blend your colors without getting too much dust onto your brush. If you apply too much dust to your brush, not only will you breath in a puff of luster/pedal dust – giving you odd colors in your Kleenex next time you blow your nose, but the color will not apply evenly to your decoration. (Can you tell that I still have young boys in my house since I’m talking about blowing your nose?)  Worst of all, your colors will look harsh instead of natural once applied to your decoration.

One day I needed to blend some colors, but I was out of paper towels. I thought to myself, “What??? Now what do I do?” I quickly took an inventory of various items in my kitchen and decided to use a coffee filter. After that time, I was hooked! Not only are coffee filters cheap, but they allowed me to blend my colors, load my brush and best of all, I didn’t feel like I was wasting paper towels. See, when I would blend my colors into my paper towels, it allowed me to blend my colors and load my brush, BUT, I also felt that a lot of color was wasted because my dusts adhered to the paper towel and I could not salvage any color once my project was finished. With the coffee filters, I could keep my colors separated or blend them, load my brush with just the right amount of dust, then save whatever color dusts were left once my project was finished.


Best of all, I have learned that I like to keep my blended colors available until my cake goes out the door or is delivered. I’ve had instances where my project needed to be touched up; or worse yet, where I broke a decoration and needed to make another. If I had to re-blend my colors, odds are very good that the new colors would not match the original mixed colors. So I keep them handy until I know for sure that I can put them away. With the coffee filters, I can stack up my various mixed colors and set them aside. The colors stay separate and because the coffee filter sides are in a bowl-shape, the colors do not spill over. Not so with paper towels.

Next time you need to use your dusts, try a coffee filter. And while you’re at it, make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Happy Caking,

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